My Early Days of Drawing and Some Party Animals

I wish I had some of my drawings from the early days pictured here. Judging from the expressions on my face, I was deep in concentration and did not want to be disturbed. Some things never change.


And now for some more recent work…



Materials: pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, acrylic paint, Washi tape, paint marker


Materials: watercolor pencil, cardstock, ribbon bow, paint marker


Materials: watercolor pencil, Washi tape, foam embellishment, acrylic paint, cardstock



Cartoons of My Mom’s Recovery from Eye Surgery

Just over two weeks ago, my mom went to the optometrist for a checkup due to the fact that her vision in her left eye was getting worse. Turns out that she had a partially detached retina which caused the blind spots in her field of vision. The retina is like the wallpaper lining the back of the eye, which was starting to peel away while fluid leaked out of the back of the eye. In order to fix this, they had to remove the vitreous (the gelatinous stuffing of the eye) and insert a gas bubble  in its place to hold the retina in place.

Scoliosis curves my mother’s spine in directions it shouldn’t bend. During recovery, she has to hang her head so the gas bubble (with the help of gravity) holds the retina where it is supposed to be while her eye grows new vitreous. She is only allowed to lie on her stomach or right side and has to avoid watching TV or being on electronic devices. This recovery stage is supposed to last about a month. Due to the scoliosis, this lying around is especially difficult for my mom and she suffers from all sorts of back and neck pain.

My mom hasn’t lost her sense of humor during this ordeal. She draws cartoons of “the struggle.”


The medical alert bracelet my mom has to wear,




She has to wear a shield to protect her eye at night. Her skin is sensitive to the tape adhesive, so we bandage her up instead.








Furry Friend Friday

I’ve been practicing drawing some more animals and wanted to share Mr. Fox and this gentlemanly bunny with you. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of media. Happy Furry Friend Friday!


Materials: acrylic paint: colored pencil, crayon, soft pastel, pencil, patterned paper


Materials: patterned paper, colored pencil, pencil, ribbon bow embellishment, crayon, soft pastel

Throwback Thursday

The impatient dripping of melting snow from the roof sounds as restless as I feel as it taps the slushy wonderland that is our back yard. It is as if I’ve had a double shot espresso right before a test I haven’t studied for. My stomach churns and my hand shake. I can’t find comfort or rest in my own skin. This anxiety is a result of some big changes occurring in my life and the lives of people I care about.I’m afraid that I’m going to have to remain ambiguous on this matter. Perhaps a little pacing around the room and anti-anxiety meds will calm me down a bit.  Anyway, amidst this state of restlessness I looked through some albums to distract myself and found a few things to share for Throwback Thursday.


Rock Star Barbie 

The photo and drawing date back to when drawing was still carefree and fun. I believe you can see this spirit captured in the drawing of Rocker Barbie onstage with in front of her adoring fans. She is holding a Popple, so I’m guessing this photo is from 1989-1990, around the time I moved from Finland to the United States with my mother and stepfather. We lived in Farmington, New Mexico for over a year. The photograph shows me during the winter of those years, holding Sisu, one of my cats. Because introducing the cats to snow seemed like a great idea. hahaha This was Stage 2 of my Crazy Cat Girl adventures, with Stage 1 dating back to 1987 Saudi Arabia.






Self Portraits


Materials: photo printed on cardstock, acrylic paints, buttons, puzzle pieces, flower embellishment, buttons


(from 2007)Materials: cardstock cutouts, googly eyes, arrow embellishment


Materials: glasses embellishment, patterned paper


Materials: acrylic paint, patterned paper, chipboard shape, glasses embellishment, bow embellishment


Winter and Art

Went to town to pick up prescription meds etc. With a gust of wind our car slid and spun and swirled on the icy road and ended up in the ditch. Fortunately, we were on a busy road and people stopped to check to make sure we were okay. No injuries. No damage to the car. We only had to wait about an hour for the tow truck to come to our rescue. Okay winter, I’m getting a little weary of you. Looking forward to spring.

Yesterday I blogged about creative fear. Drawing is probably the most creative-anxiety-producing area for me personally, so I though I’d share a couple of drawings in order to promote the idea that it is okay  to feel vulnerable and to put your work out there, for better or worse. I’ve also adopted a new perfectionism-reducing mantra:

“Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.”

-Robert Schuller


“Bunny in Moonlight” Materials: soft pastels, paint marker, pencil, Sharpie, cardstock


“Fox in Moonlight” Materials: soft pastels, Sharpie, cardstock, paint market