Cartoons of My Mom’s Recovery from Eye Surgery

Just over two weeks ago, my mom went to the optometrist for a checkup due to the fact that her vision in her left eye was getting worse. Turns out that she had a partially detached retina which caused the blind spots in her field of vision. The retina is like the wallpaper lining the back of the eye, which was starting to peel away while fluid leaked out of the back of the eye. In order to fix this, they had to remove the vitreous (the gelatinous stuffing of the eye) and insert a gas bubble  in its place to hold the retina in place.

Scoliosis curves my mother’s spine in directions it shouldn’t bend. During recovery, she has to hang her head so the gas bubble (with the help of gravity) holds the retina where it is supposed to be while her eye grows new vitreous. She is only allowed to lie on her stomach or right side and has to avoid watching TV or being on electronic devices. This recovery stage is supposed to last about a month. Due to the scoliosis, this lying around is especially difficult for my mom and she suffers from all sorts of back and neck pain.

My mom hasn’t lost her sense of humor during this ordeal. She draws cartoons of “the struggle.”


The medical alert bracelet my mom has to wear,




She has to wear a shield to protect her eye at night. Her skin is sensitive to the tape adhesive, so we bandage her up instead.









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