Throwback Thursday

The impatient dripping of melting snow from the roof sounds as restless as I feel as it taps the slushy wonderland that is our back yard. It is as if I’ve had a double shot espresso right before a test I haven’t studied for. My stomach churns and my hand shake. I can’t find comfort or rest in my own skin. This anxiety is a result of some big changes occurring in my life and the lives of people I care about.I’m afraid that I’m going to have to remain ambiguous on this matter. Perhaps a little pacing around the room and anti-anxiety meds will calm me down a bit.  Anyway, amidst this state of restlessness I looked through some albums to distract myself and found a few things to share for Throwback Thursday.


Rock Star Barbie 

The photo and drawing date back to when drawing was still carefree and fun. I believe you can see this spirit captured in the drawing of Rocker Barbie onstage with in front of her adoring fans. She is holding a Popple, so I’m guessing this photo is from 1989-1990, around the time I moved from Finland to the United States with my mother and stepfather. We lived in Farmington, New Mexico for over a year. The photograph shows me during the winter of those years, holding Sisu, one of my cats. Because introducing the cats to snow seemed like a great idea. hahaha This was Stage 2 of my Crazy Cat Girl adventures, with Stage 1 dating back to 1987 Saudi Arabia.







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